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We are glad to welcome you at the website dedicated to blackjack – the most popular casino game ever! Today it is difficult to find person who has never head the name of this game. It is so popular among people who do not gamble not only because it can be easy played at home among friends, but also due to movies and books which depict blackjack. Blackjack is loved by gamblers not because it is popular, but because it is really interesting to play this game. You need to put a lot of efforts playing this game to win all the time. But perhaps this is the most attractive moment, as not in all casino games you can control the game. Playing blackjack you may be sure, that your decision can influence the result. But, fortunately, most of the decisions you have no need to take following the intuition only, because here everything depends on calculations. Stay with us and you will get more details on this game!

Today blackjack can be played both online and offline. If you prefer atmosphere of real casino and visiting casino for you is connected not with gambling itself, but with having fun or just spending wonderful time, online casinos will be not the best choice for you. Online gambling houses are for those, who like to play game and win money. These casino lovers pay no attention at the place they play, they are interested only in games, odds and winnings. If you are one of these players, you should definitely register at one of the online casinos and try the best casino game there! When you choose casinos online to gamble blackjack, you can be confused by many variations of this game to choose from. The matter is that in online casino there is enough “space” for all game variations possible.

As blackjack is one of the most popular casino games, it is not strange, that it has different variations at different countries. Of course, all variations have a lot of common, because they have originated from one and the same game, but still, some differences are essential. Because of some peculiarities winning chances can differ a lot, so you have to be very attentive choosing game variation. You can try to play popular Spanish 21 game. As it can be seen from the name, it is a Spanish game variation. Do not be afraid to try it, as offers very good chances for winning. Moreover, this game offers game bonuses, so if your gambling will be successful enough, you will get a possibility to win even more. Each casino player knows how important game odds are. Spanish 21 offer the best odds for blackjack gambler! Do not miss a chance to play this game and get more experience in blackjack gambling. If you do not want to play this game variation, you may choose something else from other popular blackjack games: Pontoon, Vegas Strip Blackjack, Double Attack etc. Find out how all they differ from the conventional blackjack game at our website and start playing right now!

Spanish 21

This is one of real blackjack variations which are very popular both online and in land-based casinos. Try it!

Double Attack

Double Attack is not as popular as Spanish 21 for example, but it finds many fans all over the world anyway.

Super Fun 21

This blackjack variation is believed to be among the easiest ones but still very exciting to try and just enjoy the game.

They know everything about the strategies for blackjack. They are people who actually developed them and made these strategies being popular. Read about Al Francesco and Arnold Snyder here.

Blackjack Rules

Rules are the basement of every casino game; blackjack is not an exception here: learn the main aspects of the game to understand its objective, bets, winning combinations, options to choose and variations to play.

Blackjack Strategy

Basic strategy is exactly what you need to play online blackjack as well as all its variants in land-based casinos. Mathematically grounded, it gives many answers to the question "how to beat blackjack?

Online blackjack is easy to learn but some tips would be not out of place to know.

Find out how to gamble blackjack successfully and win.

Blackjack odds will help you to estimate your chances for winning, so, do not be lazy to learn them.

Read what your chances to beat blackjack are.

Find out what myths are common for blackjack and what superstitious gamblers do to attract luck.

It does not mean you should believe them anyway.

Network Blackjack basics exposes all information about Blackjack. Want to know everything about the most popular casino game ever? At Network Blackjack you will find the best blackjack strategies and tips, rules and odds, facts and legends and of course the best places to play this fantastic game! This website was created to help all categories of players and that is why everyone will find here the exact material he/she needs for gambling.

We know that most of the blackjack gamblers prefer playing at online casinos. Online casinos offer today a true possibility to play your favorite game online without going to a live casino, which saves time and money. Moreover, online casinos offer game bonuses and what can be pleasant than additional possibilities to play blackjack? Besides, the more you play this game, the more skillful you become and the more you can win later. Playing a lot is not enough for winning at blackjack, of course, as this game requires profound knowledge of game rules, tips and strategies. Blackjack playing guide will explain you how to use tips and odds in your game so you will be prepared to play hard. If you want to be a game winner, you have to work a lot, so be patient with learning and practicing.

If you feel that you do not want to learn nothing about the game, if you think that you are quite smart to play blackjack without preparation or you are just too lazy to work a lot, than you definitely need some push. We are sure, that the best way to make a person want something is to show him/her the example of the most successful people, which were able to work hard and who achieved really a lot. In blackjack these people belong to the Blackjack Hall of Fame. If you know nothing about these people, than it is clear why you do not want to learn and practice. Probably one more motivation for you will be that there are lots of other players, who are not members of this Hall of fame, but who are rich and famous due to their skills in blackjack games. It is a dream of each casino player to become successful player, but choosing blackjack for playing, you increase your chances, as at this game everything depend only on your skills and knowledge! Our guide into online blackjack basics will tell and show you how to play Blackjack and win.

When you decide to try blackjack card game the first thing to know is blackjack rules of course. They are not difficult to remember: 2 cards are dealt both to a dealer and a player, you should get more points than dealer has without exceeding 21. Otherwise, you'll bust and lose at once. Those are the basic thing which you have to know. They are also common at all blackjack variation. Of course, there are other rules, which every player has to know. All of them are important for successful gambling. Do not be afraid to spend a lot of time learning the theoretical basis of this game. You may be sure, that that is not a waste of time, but a very good investment if your future gambling activity!

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